The Waiting Game – A Health Update


A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the, less, you know. – Diane Arbus

After three years of treatment and scans, I don’t say much about them until the results are back.

If I tell someone that I will have a scan soon, they tend to mention it, which only brings the fact to the forefront of my mind — creating the opposite response that I want from my own emotions.

Besides any cancer patient in active treatment, have scans often, so it has become a regular part of life.

So, yes this past Monday I did have mine. And I am happy to report that there was no sign of progression.

And Steve and I take a deep breath of relief. We do our 2-minute celebration, dance and move forward.

What that means for us is this. We can move forward with our plans that we’ve made for the next five months and not think about it again. I will work and travel and enjoy life. I will pause to see the oncologist every three weeks, and I will have my Herceptin infusion. And then as we come to the end of 2019, I will again be sitting in the same seat as this photo.

And I’ll do it again. Rinse and Repeat, just like all of you.

As I read someone’s cancer experience, I thank God for the tiny miracles that show up in my life daily.

I thank God for the modern day medicines that can slow the progression of metastatic breast cancer.

I thank God for my sweet husband, who supports me in every way possible.