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I recently read an inspiring story on Facebook that I knew I needed to share with you. Aaron Sherinian, I believe, is Steve’s third cousin. Aaron’s occupation requires him to travel all over the world. Aaron was kind enough to let me share this story with you.  This is his recent experience and in his own words.

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To the man outside the convenience store on U St. in Washington, D.C.: I saw you. I saw what you did a few minutes ago. I witnessed it all.

I saw your face as you overheard the uncomfortable conversation between the homeless man and the store owner. The details were unclear. But I could see from your face that you wanted to help.

I saw you quietly buy this man the items he could not afford. And then more.

I heard you subtly encourage another man to refer to this person with more respect. I also heard you treat the convenience store owner with empathy as well while you covered his debts at the cash register. I watched you try to observe the situation without judging…Just helping. I listened as you communicated it all in soft tones so that others would not notice your role.

I saw you quietly help the homeless man outside the door.

I saw you shake his hand, walk 2 blocks away before ordering a cab so that he would not feel embarrassed or beholden to you once you both left the scene.

I witnessed all this. You did NONE of it knowing you were being observed. But you were. I saw it all.

And you did not see what I saw after. I saw the homeless man sit down, eat his lunch, and say a prayer.

I have no idea who you are. But you reminded me that there are good people everywhere. I do not know what motivated your actions today. But I know it was not praise.

I saw you. And it changed the way I will look at the rest of the day. Thank you. I know that it is not always possible to do everything or help everybody. But I witnessed an act of kindness on U Street that reminds me we should do what we can whenever opportunity crosses our path.

So, Thanks. Whoever you are.

P.S. I also couldn’t help but notice that you bought Double-Stuff Oreos for yourself. So, extra points. Well done, you. I saw that, too. #GoodTaste

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