Tumor Markers, Herceptin, Her2+, Oh My

The first nine months after diagnosis I did very little to educate myself about what was going on with my body. I remember reading one published article in Time magazine and, I was done. Honestly, it was just too scary, and it was less stress for me to show up for my treatment. It felt a bit robotic, and that is ok because it worked for me. I’d head home from chemo, feel like shit for a few days. When I felt a bit better, I’d go back to work and 3 weeks later rinse and repeat. As I got used to this new routine time passed and about ten months later I started questioning everything. It was then that I realized I knew very little about what was going on medically. Tumor markers, Herceptin, Her2, BRCA just to name a few. I remember I felt thrown into a whole new world I hadn’t even known existed. So many terms and phrases were tossed around. After a while, I chose to stick my head out of my shell and start to learn this foreign language.



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